Mortgage Rates San Diego

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Wedged between the mountains and the Pacific, San Diego has quite a lot to offer. Beautiful, warm weather year-round, easy access to Tijuana and Los Angeles, active nightlife, surf, sand, and sea. All of these features combine to make San Diego a favorite destination for visitors and a coveted location for settling down. That’s one reason San Diego housing is in such high demand.

Mortgage Rates San DiegoSearching for the best mortgage rates San Diego can be quite a challenge. You will quickly discover that even modest houses in less desirable areas can be more expensive than much larger homes in posh neighborhoods elsewhere in the country. Homes that are located in the best parts of town with convenient downtown access may not appear affordable. And if you want a large house, you’ll be paying even more. Are you a first-time buyer, or looking for a mortgage with a less-than-stellar credit rating? Expect interest rates to be even higher.

Mortgage Rates San Diego

The mortgage rates San Diego has to offer vary more than you might realize, though. And some of them are quite reasonable thanks to special subsidized programs like FHA mortgage loans and VA mortgage loans, both of which are federally insured. We can help you to find out whether you qualify for these programs or others, which can reduce your mortgage rates and monthly payments for a new home in San Diego.

If you are trying to buy a particularly expensive home, a jumbo loan may be an option. First though, we can help you to look into super conforming loans, which may be available to you at lower mortgage rates. Since San Diego is designated as a high-cost area, high-balance conforming loans with interest rates comparable to other conforming loans may be available.

Already saddled paying mortgage rates San Diego that you can no longer afford? You are not alone, as the foreclosure signs all around your neighborhood have probably made clear. A lot of homeowners were tempted by low initial interest rates back in the 90’s. Unfortunately, these rates fit squarely under “too good to be true,” and ballooned in the subsequent years until they became unaffordable. Maybe that story is familiar to you.

We may be able to reduce your rates through a San Diego mortgage refinance. Traditional refinancing, HARP loans, and reverse mortgages are all options that could help you lower your interest rates as well as your monthly payments. In some situations, this may be enough to allow you to hold onto your home and not join your neighbors in putting out a foreclosed sign. A lot of San Diego residents have no idea that there are programs available to help them.

Ready to purchase a new home in the area or refinance your existing home at the best possible mortgage rates San Diego has to offer? Then call us at (619) 692-3630. We look forward to helping you!