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Refinancing a mortgage is an opportunity to lower your monthly payments, eliminate PMI, pay your loan more quickly or access your home equity to pay off debt, make home improvements or take cash out. Your needs and situation change over time and sometimes refinancing your mortgage can help you adjust. Is this the right time to refinance your mortgage?

  • Do you have adjustable-rate mortgage and would like the consistency of a fixed rate and fixed monthly payment?
  • Are you looking to reduce your monthly payments?
  • Have mortgage interest rates dropped below the rate you are paying on your mortgage?
  • Has the equity in your home increased enough that you no longer need to pay PMI or Private Mortgage Insurance?
  • Would refinancing allow you to take advantage of other financial opportunities such as paying off high interest loans or credit cards?
  • Do you wish to make improvements to your home?

Refinancing may be your best way to address some mortgage problems. Many people want to lower their monthly payment, which keeps more money in their pocket each month. Global Mortgage can work with you to find the refinancing solution that best suits your needs. Our refinance experts will evaluate your mortgage needs and create a refinancing plan specific to your financial situation.

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